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A story fouryou

Eczema, cleft lip, and surgeries - oh my!

Originally in search of a solution to our daughter's eczema that wasn't another medically prescribed steroid treatment, a friend handed me a homemade recipe for a body butter back in 2015. 

Slowly, our family experimented with the ingredients and formula to see what reacted best to her skin. We were stoked with the results we achieved but, even more excited when we realized the incredible amount of other use cases for our newly created body butter.


From daily full body use to deodorant replacement, we lathered ourselves in the butter, feeling nourished and protected by its natural ingredients. 

Fast forward to 2016 when our son was born with a cleft lip & palate. The enormity of that part of our story aside, after his first surgery, we quickly realized yet another wonderful use case for our product -

scar minimization for both baby and mama

(since I ended up having an emergency c-section).


The body butter we now sell is made just FOURyou!

From your lips to your armpits and for babies to adults, we hope you enjoy and feel soothed by every one of our offerings. 


And, the best part of it all is, your purchase helps us support nonprofits which are near to our hearts and are doing the best and most important work around. Stay tuned for more on them!


And THANK YOU for your support!